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What is the Type 2 Testing Program?

The Type 2 Testing Program is a subscription program where you receive a free blood glucose meter and pay for test strips which are delivered to you by post to test your blood glucose. This allows you to self-monitor your diabetes and understand how food, diet, lifestyle choices and illness can all affect your blood glucose.

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What are the benefits of testing your blood glucose for people Type 2 Diabetes?

The benefits of improved control through structured blood glucose testing have been demonstrated as:

  • Improved glucose control
  • Reduction in HbA1c
  • Reduction of the risk of complications
  • Reduction of depressive symptoms

Research has also shown that people with type 2 diabetes who reduce their HbA1c level by 1% are:

  • 19% less likely to suffer cataracts
  • 16% less likely to suffer heart failure
  • 43% less likely to suffer amputation or death due to peripheral vascular disease

I thought people with Type 2 Diabetes don’t need to test their blood glucose?

There is growing evidence that self-monitoring of blood glucose is hugely beneficial for individuals with type 2 who are not treated with insulin.

This evidence is based on studies that show SMBG can assist type 2 diabetics to better understand their condition and provide a means to actively and effectively participate in its control and treatment.

The key is structured testing and support, which the Type 2 Program provides.

How do I know when to test?

All members are provided with a structured testing program indicating the days and times you can test to greater understand the impact of food, lifestyle and illness on your blood glucose levels.

When can I get my free meter and first box of test strips?

We can deliver your first box of test strips and shiny new GlucoRx meter within the next 5 days.

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Where do you deliver to?

We deliver your starter pack (meter, test strips and lancets) by courier nationwide within the UK. We also deliver internationally by courier. Subsequent test strips are sent by Royal Mail.

Why do I only receive 100 test strips every 3 months?

The benefits of blood glucose testing for people with Type 2 Diabetes require a structured testing program. You are provided 100 test strips every 3 months as this is sufficient for the structured testing program.

How do I order my subscription?

Just click get started to order your subscription.

How do I pay?

This program is a subscription program, much like a magazine subscription. A direct debit will be set up for UK orders. International orders will pay through our secure payment partners, SagePay.

You can choose whether you want to pay quarterly or annually.

How do I get VAT exemption?

VAT exemption is only available to residents of the UK who have diabetes. HM Customs & Excise rules allow items specifically designed for use by persons who have diabetes to be purchased by the customer at a VAT exclusive price as long as they are purchased by or for a disabled or chronically sick person. The goods must also be for personal or domestic use only and must be applicable to that person's disability or sickness.

For full details on this relief please refer to HM Customs notice 701/7 VAT reliefs for disabled people.

How do I cancel?

Just go to Your Account when you’re logged in and you’ll be able to cancel.

Do I need to sign for my test strips when they are delivered?

You will need to sign for your first delivery as it is sent by courier. All subsequent deliveries will not need signing for.

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What if my question isn't listed here?

Please contact the Type 2 Testing Team at contact@type2testing.com.