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Type 2 Testing

Type 2 Testing: Premium Program

Type 2 Testing: Premium Program

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Choose your blood glucose meter

Get a blood glucose meter, blood glucose testing program, a test strip plan and award-winning health app with one-on-one coaching.

Use your meter, test strips (and lancets) to test your blood glucose to self-monitor your diabetes and understand how food, diet, lifestyle choices and illness can all affect your blood glucose.

Use your GlucoRx meter in conjunction with the Gro Health app and see the effects of food, lifestyle and illness on your blood glucose. Make lifestyle choices which can help to reduce your average blood glucose levels and HbA1c and use the in-app coaching to support your decisions and keep you motivated. 

Which meter is for you?

  • GlucoRx Nexus Blue: Discreet, connected testing for those seeking stress-free, fast, precise and reliable measurements.
  • GlucoRx Nexus Mini Ultra: Compact meter with scrolling main button, strip insertion light/backlit screen.
  • GlucoRx Nexus Voice: assists visually impaired people by giving audio feedback on blood glucose measurement results.

Alongside your chosen GlucoRx meter, you will also get the right number of test strips, lancets, lancing device and carry case. 

No commitment, no auto-renew. 💃🕺

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    • Complete diabetes support

      Get a blood glucose meter kit, test strip plan, and award-winning Gro Health app with one-to-one coaching.

    • Blood glucose testing programme

      The Type 2 Testing Program provides type 2 diabetes structured education and complete blood glucose monitoring support.

    • Health and food tracking

      Track your blood glucose, HbA1c, and activity; and log your food to see what impacts your blood glucose.

    • One to one coaching

      Get access to a personalised care plan and dedicated health coaching via in-app chat.

    What can I achieve?

    After 12 months, members report:

    13mmol/mol HbA1c reduction
    6.9kg weight loss
    96% know food's impact on blood sugar

    • 1. Choose your meter

      Choose a free meter and get a testing plan, onboarding support, and all the test strips you need.

    • 2. Test your blood glucose

      Use your structured testing plan and test strips to test your blood glucose levels.

    • 3. Improve your decisions

      Eat to your meter, see what affects your blood glucose levels and make changes with our expert support.

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    Explore the Type 2 Testing Program

    NHS trusted

    Gro Health app

    You'll receive the Gro Health app which provide your digital Type 2 Testing Program, along with downloadable resources.

    Find education, coaching, community and resources to support your health journey.

    Available on the web, iOS and Android and Alexa.

    Get better blood glucose control

    Over 9 in 10 members report better blood glucose control and weight loss at 6 and 1 months.

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